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About Us

Canada Diesel Parts.com is owned and operated by Taber Diesel Service and Injected Power Systems Supply. Taber Diesel is one of Canada’s leading diesel injection and light/medium duty diesel vehicle powertrain specialists. They have been servicing the needs of diesel engine customers in western Canada since 1985. Taber Diesel prides itself on having up-to-date industry experience and knowledge, a qualified professional team and sate of the art servicing and test equipment.

Injected Power Systems Supply is a division of Taber Diesel and is operating as a parts department in Lethbridge. Injected Power Systems was established in the spring of 2013 to better serve our customers with better access to shipping and is closer to some of our major customers. We hope to supply them with great knowledge and support in repairing and diagnosing there diesel engine and powertrain problems.

Canada Diesel Parts.com is an effort to better support and reach diesel customers and shops all over Canada. We are dedicated to supplying quality diesel engines parts and knowledge to ensure your diesel engines run reliable and efficient with optimum power and lowest possible emissions.